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Oct 14, 2018

This week Andy and his brother Joe join the show to analyze and review a two part Opie podcast featuring Stuttering John and Jackie the Jokeman. Wow, this line-up would have been great... if this was 1998! Get it?

We also play some clips of my appearance on The Dick Show and take a victory lap. We discuss pooping at...

Oct 7, 2018

It's been a while since we reviewed an independent podcast that is this bad. It's a true crime show that checks all the boxes: The host reads a wikipedia page? Check. The cohost adds no value? Check. There's an endless rant on Hot Pockets? Yep.

Cros is back as we run through a number of important topics including Chip...

Oct 1, 2018

This week we review a show about polyamory. Wait, let me double check the spelling on that. Okay, yea, I got that right. This is not a topic that we spend a lot of time with but boy did we learn a lot today. Are you tired of committing to your partner and being a good person? We have the solution - polyamory.