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Ep314 – Stuttering John Podcast with Tony Michaels

I’ve been teasing it and it’s finally here, our first midweek episode as we move to two episodes per week. And we’re off to a good start with Stuttering John having yet another conversation about me with someone who also knows nothing about me. These . . .

June 2, 2022|0 Comments

Ep313 – ID10T

This week we check out a guy who has been podcasting since 2010 and before that he was on the radio. So you can bet, uhh, that he’s, umm, really good, uhh, at, uh, broadcasting.

Tab from Here’s What I Don’t Get joins us to break . . .

June 2, 2022|0 Comments

Ep312 – No Filter Podcast

Some really cool guys who are totally hot and smash tons of puss are nice enough to use some of their valuable time to spread knowledge. Warning: their views on women would make Chris Brown blush.

Mike . . .

May 22, 2022|0 Comments

Ep311 – Live in Nashville (Stuttering John)

We have a jam packed show this week from City Winery in Nashville. Cros, Trucker Andy, Producer Chris, Dr. Steve, Jenny Jingles, Vinnie, and Shuli all join us to discuss Stuttering John, Ash, Tom Myers, Patrick Michael, and many other retards. I . . .
May 15, 2022|0 Comments

Ep310 – Nymphomercial: A Hentai Podcast

This week is super steamy. Someone drew a black and white picture of people having sex and there’s a show devoted to explaining it in excruciating detail.

Kaya once again cohosts the show to discuss horror porn and . . .

May 8, 2022|0 Comments

Ep309 – Fly on the Wall

Dana Carvey and David Spade are hosting a new podcast about Lorne Michaels. They bring on guests who all do a Lorne Michaels impression. If you watched all three Austin Powers movies and thought, “I need more Doctor Evil” . . .

May 1, 2022|0 Comments
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