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Apr 29, 2018

Doug from Who's Right joins us this week to analyze a show that no one has ever heard before - Not Another NERDY Podcast. What are these guys doing? They talk about winning $88 at a casino, moving boxes of comic books from their basement, a Moe's opening up near their house... have they never heard a podcast...

Apr 22, 2018

This week we review a show that somehow has a worse iTunes rating than WATP. Andy is in the studio while Joe calls in to talk about his new vegetarian lifestyle and breathe heavily into the phone. 

I Am Rapaport is hosted by Michael Rapaport, a guy who's famous enough to hang out with other D List celebrities like...

Apr 15, 2018

Kevin is back to review a podcast that reviews Yelp reviews. Great premise. How do they do on the execution you ask? Well, if you like middle aged guys who read out loud using silly voices and references to comedy bits that were popular in the 70s, you would be the first person ever. 



Apr 8, 2018

It's yet another installment of our ongoing educational series - How Not to Podcast. This show is a gem. When you can decipher what the two hosts and producer Mr. Google are saying it's amazing. It should be transcribed and released in paperback.

Nick Bailey, cohost of the Fancounters podcast (

Apr 1, 2018

We made it bay bee!! Episode number 100, the show where we finally roast ourselves. Karl is joined by (in order of importance) Kevin, Andy, Cros, Joe, and Chris. Everyone takes their shots at the most poorly reviewed show of all time. And then we find out this isn't the most poorly reviewed show of all time. D'oh!!