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Feb 26, 2018

True Crime 204 is a podcast out of Winnipeg, Canada hosted by two tweens who just learned how to read/talk. Alright, some of that is not true but it's very close to reality. 

Jen from the Jingles Department joins us to make fun of this show, then eventually feel bad about it. 

This podcast was not fun to listen to but was a ton of fun to review. While to some it may seem like we're being very mean for no reason, the actual purpose of WATP is to get people like this to think twice before starting a podcast. Future hosts should ask themselves questions like, "Am I interesting to listen to?" "Can I pronounce words?" and "What's my mental disorder that I think I should be hosting a show when I'm a complete idiot and have nothing of value to contribute?"

We are truly doing God's work.