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Feb 28, 2021

Before High Pitch Erik became the biggest Cameo star in the world, he had a podcast with Gonzo Shitcock. There was no point to it other than to take calls from people who trolled the hosts. This is one of the best examples of our show's promise - we listen so you don't have to. And you're welcome.

Shuli Egar, aka Mr....

Feb 22, 2021

Branden from Shitty Song of the Week was able to get Patrick Michael to be a guest on his show. See what happens when Branden decides to play Patrick's own music to him. Will he recognize it? Will he like it? Will he just hang up?

Feb 21, 2021

Need help with using Tinder? Learn how to have a healthy dating lifestyle from women who cry during intimacy, get kicked off Tinder for fighting with people, and use sex to get free stuff.

Cros joins the show to analyze long text conversations between people you don't know, opine on Opie's attempt to slap back at...

Feb 14, 2021

How many people are you? I'm 300 people so if you're just one person, you could do better. This week we listen to people LARPing mental illness and it's fantastic. Keep up the great work!

Will Noonan joins us as we discuss how real mental illness works which segues perfectly into Opie explaining his regrets in...

Feb 7, 2021

Two people who work in the entertainment business do a podcast about entertainment and it isn't even close to being entertaining. For some reason, Matt and Paul pretend to talk about horror films but in reality they're just cracking each other up with jokes like "I think Jason Voorhies is like Shaggy."

Andy is back to...