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Jun 27, 2021

Bobby Lee and his girlfriend talk about how amazing he is. He actually met Kevin Hart's bodyguards. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
Both Andy and Eric Zane join the show as we check out a very drunk Alex Jones on Kill Tony, give an update on Stuttering John's SXM lawsuit, listen to Opie talk about how hot he is, and...

Jun 20, 2021

Stuttering John dropped back-to-back amazing episodes full of meltdowns, rants, and claims of being wealthy. So I called up Vinnie so we could get his genuine reaction to the big revelations that have recently come out. It did not disappoint. Careful, you might get sued just for reading this (slander). 

Jun 13, 2021

After a couple of well deserved weeks off from his three days per week job, Howard Stern returned to talk about everything that's going on in his universe. So pretty much just Ronnie Mund's sex life and Benjy Bronk's sex life. 

The boys from Revenge of the Cis join us to get up to date on Howard before checking in with...

Jun 6, 2021

Paul Scheer has been using the HDTGM feed to promote his wife's new podcast - The Deep Dive. We all know that June is the reason her husband's podcast is so popular, so this must be great!

This week Cros and Branden join us to discuss how much money you need to invest in alternative therapies in order to heal...