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Jun 19, 2016

This week's episode we review a podcast called As If, episode Minute 42 - Clown Liquor.  It's an entire podcast dedicated to reviewing 60 second chunks of the movie Clueless.  We're gonna stop and let you read that last sentence again.  Ok, are you good, yes it's a podcast about Clueless but reviewing one minute of the movie at a time and it's just as dumb as you'd hope.  Kevin and Karl dive into their review of this podcast by immediately talking about Alicia Silverstone and how she was a pillar of most spank-banks in the mid-90s.  We learn that Kevin does impressions in his private life and Karl sings about his love of Aerosmith ballads.  So listen to us do 50 minutes on an 18 minute podcast that is reviewing 60 seconds of a dumb movie.