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Jun 30, 2016

This week Kevin and Karl review a show called You Suck Show, episode #11 - titled “Billboard violence, shady dog dealings and weed”.  This was a very depressing comedy podcast that featured, well just like the title says, weed, dogs and billboards.  Kevin does his best to “mend fences” with all the show haters out there and reads a letter from a “fan”.  Karl talks about his home modem and we reminisce about Yes and Geocities.  Somewhere in here we actually review the show too, but trust You Suck Show is a hard listen as it gets depressing in this episode.  We are sure they were just having a bad day, don’t write us please even though we ask you to write us at the beginning of the show.  Lol.  LMAO.  ROFL.  NRA.  CIA.