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Jul 17, 2016

After a week off, the boys are joined by their special guest Mark to review The Big O and Dukes Show, episode titled "Unsubscribe".  All three of the guys basically reach the same conclusion that the show is very professionally done and clearly they hosts know what they are doing.  However, Kevin and Mark seem to agree that there isn't really anything too new to be found here.  Karl likes it because he is basically a 13 yr old trapped in a 16 yr olds body trapped in a late 30's plane of existence.  The show takes a weird turn when they have a "country music star" on that is kind of like if Weird Al was country and also liked to swear and talk about blowjobs.  Again, Karl loved this, Mark and Kevin... not so much.  Seriously though, what else is there to say.  If you like the gonzo morning-zoo-ish style of radio than you might like this show.  However, if you enjoy your free time and like to make productive use of it, then you may seek out other forms of better entertainment like knitting, bug collecting or TurboTax.  Anyways, have fun!