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Mar 17, 2019

This week we talk about people who are talking about the Simpsons. Well, they talk mostly about themselves, but they disguise it as a show about the Simpsons.

Doug and Cros politely pretend to be interested in this week's podcast and then the real fun begins. We discuss the stand up set that was performed by Sheamus...

Mar 10, 2019

This week we listened to a show out of Portland that thinks it's on the radio. It is not. But good news for them, they have listeners in multiple countries and Indianapolis. 

Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to chat about Greg and Sarah, Opie and Carl, and Joe and Alex. There might even be other things,...

Mar 3, 2019

Do you like the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno? Are you bummed because you're not one of the hosts? Well here's an idea, copy everything about it and put out your own rip-off version. The only problem is Fangasm already did that.

Kevin and Andy join the show to discuss this trainwreck of a podcast as well as our recent...