Ep27 – The Bright Sessions

This week on WATP, the boys review another “theater of the mind” style podcast called The Bright Sessions.
The premise of the show is that we are listening in on private conversations between a therapist and her patients as they deal with “paranormal” type events in their lives.
Kevin thinks the paranormal stuff should also include sasquatches and chupacabras but to each his own.
Karl can’t get enough of the sound effects and puts together a few music medleys to help the show when it suffers from lack of substance.
Cobra Commander drops by for a brief and unwelcomed hello because apparently that is all that Kevin can focus on now.
We are both amused by the onslaught of cheap sound effects used during the Bright Sessions and adopt a few of our own for the show as well.
So get your notepad, close the door behind you and walk heavy footed over to the couch and listen to another gem of a podcast.
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