Ep276 – Studio 2009

This week we listen to a nerd talk about toys. That’s right, Vinnie is back and together we review a show that is about geeks, by geeks, and for losers. After checking out the flagship program of the Geekcast Radio Network Vinnie and I listen to a whole bunch of excuses from Comedy Pot Pie, a show we reviewed a couple of months ago who got their feelings hurt. Then it’s on to Stuttering John’s greatest guest appearance and an interview with Elisa Jordana.
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  1. TV's Mr. Neil June 2, 2022 at 9:15 pm

    Aw, you guys changed your site layout. I had a really long comment on this show that’s now gone. I’ll try to summarize it here.

    So, I was the “Chris Farley interview”. You guys mercifully didn’t play my voice, but you can hear them say my name in one of the sound clips. I used to podcast with these guys all the time. They can be fun conversations, but nothing that anyone would actually listen to.

    My interview was one of a handful of episodes that would kind of the last straw for me. The interview felt like a deposition. It was so uncomfortable, and I could tell they were just reading the questions off of a txt document. They weren’t even targeted questions, and there was no engagement from the hosts.

    I’ve done some production for them. I’ve edited podcasts and done some graphic artwork. You can immediately tell which episodes are mine because they’re much more tightly produced. However, I would always be given single-channel Skype recordings to edit, which are the worst to work with. I’ve tried suggesting Discord and Audacity for better sound quality and multi-track editing. Mike, who hosts the majority of shows, just doesn’t want to use them. Well, then don’t complain when the shows sound like crap, Mike!

    But more than anything, the shows rarely show any signs of prep work. Mike, in particular, doesn’t even seem to have a perspective on any of the show topics, outside of occasionally repeating things he’s heard other people say. One time, I busted him on the air for appropriating another person’s opinion that he had retweeted earlier in the day, and he didn’t know what to do when I pressed him on it. He still doesn’t understand why that made him look like a fool.

    I’ve tried to help Mike out, but he’s resistant to criticism. He knows about this episode, and I’m pretty sure he just ignored it.

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