Ep321 – MSCS Media Podcast

Stuttering John and his best friend Scott the Engineer made a trip over to Tommy’s house to do yet another drunken interview with Tommy from MSCS Media. I’d tell you to go watch it but based on the number of views it has on YouTube I have to assume you already have. Stick around to the end as we reveal how many beers John was able to gulp down during a single interview. 

Cros stops by to analyze Tommy’s social media presence. After reading sentences that sound like they might be written in English, we uncover that Tony Michaels used to host a “business brainstorming” podcast (whatever that means) about digital marketing. Wow, we have discovered yet another thing that Tony Michaels sucks at. Also, Patrick Michael knows his show could be better and is doing what it takes to maintain his current mediocrity. 

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  1. Nick June 27, 2022 at 3:32 pm

    Never comment or shit like this, so who knows if I do it right. I heard the mscs podcast in its entirety with John and Scott and didn’t pick it up until I just heard the clip. When tommy says, alcohol is the only drug where the withdrawal can kill you, John, in the background, says, it’s never happened to me. That implies that he does experience withdrawal when he doesn’t drink. I know it’s probably not a shocker, but hearing him say it is different.

  2. Greg Huges June 30, 2022 at 12:27 am

    That Tommy guy is from Three Mile Island Pennsylvania.

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