Ep325 – If I Were You

Two guys who made some pretty funny sketch comedy videos for College Humor back in the day are now coasting on their minimal success in show business with an “advice” style podcast. If they would just change the title to “Phoning It In” I would forgive them. The problem is they’re pretending to put on an interesting show. Stop it.

Blind Mike joins us to discuss bars in the middle of Walmarts and mixing Pringles with mac & cheese. Then Garrett Andritz, former producer of the Opie and Anthony Show and current all-around good guy, pops in to react to the latest Opie clips. Opie has decided to pull the clips for me now which is much appreciated. Also, Stuttering John finds new ways to make a boob of himself. Thanks John! If you want to see John continue his political show and have success please vote Trump in 2024.



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  1. Angry_Yogurt July 13, 2022 at 12:06 am

    Pictures are loading fine in my case. Hope you figure it out brother.
    I have a problem that the audio wont load, it really sucks(
    I tried loading the podcast on different browsers, tried vpn, tried loading from other places where its uploaded, nothing works, it just keeps loading, but dosent play.
    Not sure if the problem is on my end.
    Would really appreciate any help/advice on the matter)

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