Ep335 – The Three Questions with Andy Richter

Andy Richter was once a funny and lovable sidekick. Now he’s another guy who hosts a podcast that does serious interviews with celebrities. Who is looking for a conversation between Andy Richter and Rachel Bilson? That wasn’t rhetorical, please email me if you know who this is for so we can call the FBI tip line. 

The long-awaited return of Pat Oates does not disappoint. After discussing how Patton Oswalt is funny looking but not funny, we check in on Opie comparing himself to Anthony and Stuttering John getting kicked out of his favorite pub because he’s an obnoxious douche. 


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  1. Bimmy Mc Nuggies August 26, 2022 at 12:16 am

    So Stutter Mc Monkey Pox is extremely jealous of Kevin for three reasons.

    Karl is 100x the musician John ever was or will be. His band is good enough to be signed to an indie label, playing music John’s band could only dream of.

    He has been making a far superior podcasts, expanding upon what others laid a foundation for making it his own. Far superior guests, Co hosts, and over all content He created a cast of characters that are entertaining, the show moves to 2022 attention spans, and the preparation, editing, and community take constant drive and a grind a lazy dru k could never match. Last point, he makes money!!

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