Ep337 – Dumb Blonde

Bunnie XO is one of the most successful and famous podcasters in the world. I think it’s because she does butt stuff but that still doesn’t explain why this is a “comedy” podcast. Well, unless said butt stuff goes horribly wrong. That can be funny.

Vinnie Paulino joins us to learn about how a TikTok star named Katie Dempsey got the nickname “Demps.” It’s a crazy story. After that, it’s a whole lot of Stuttering John. Everyone is catching on to his potentially illegal grift to fund an alleged cancer patient. Then he goes on a whole rant about how he’s not racist for using racial slurs but I am racist because people I don’t know wrote racial slurs on the internet. Well that makes sense.

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  1. TV's Mr. Neil August 25, 2022 at 9:29 pm

    I’ve been following this saga with John. I used to think that he was just an idiot. Now, after hearing him tell the story about the bartender, I think he’s got some kind of mental illness. He’s belligerently argumentative, completely lacking in self-awareness, and paranoid as fuck. This is not healthy behavior.

    He had a couple strokes back in 2018, so I wonder if that has affected his cognitive faculties. Also, I wonder if he’d been suffering mini strokes before that, like around the time he completely torched his friendship with Artie Lange.

  2. Jim Norton Jr August 26, 2022 at 12:05 am

    #1. Long Island is the home of white flight, suburbs, red lining, etc… knowing his personality and past statements, he expects us to believe that he wasn’t homophobic, racist, sexist and so on.

    #2. Joe Rogan has life long black friends, constiant black guests, open minded logical opinions and mist importantky a mixed step daughter he raised as his own who is half black! Isn’t that the deal breaker???

    #3. John was a life long Classic Strong Island republican [ if you live in NYC, you know the type]. He was using Trumps name for comps at his establishment and licked Trumps boots up until he saw an opportunity grift marks out of their $2.50.

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