Ep469 – Howard Stern vs. Stuttering John

We’re taking a page from Why Are You Laughing as we research the history of the falling out between Howard Stern and Stuttering John Melendez. John left for the Tonight Show but that’s not why Howard now dislikes John. Because he can’t help it, John bashed Howard when he was on Adam Carolla’s show for being cheap. It was completely unnecessary but Stuttering John’s motto is ABB – always be bashing. As we see, this is a pattern in John’s life as Hal Sparks can tell you.

Andy Q. Public and I are down in our WATP South studio to break down how Fred, Ralph, Tim Sabean, Robin, and Gary really feel about John. Turns out John was the original “dues payer.” After that we have some music from Jerry Banfield and two amazing submissions for our holiday song parody contest. Then Missy B joins the show to discuss the most interesting day ever in the Dabbleverse. Opie was going to go on Point Dabblepoint to lay into Stuttering John but then he completely Opie’d it up. Opie could have actually had an audience but he refuses to go on PDP or MLC and would rather broadcast on his channel to 70 people. This could have been a Dabbleverse redemption for Opie but he failed miserably. Also, Stuttering John made up a weird story about Anthony Cumia calling him and we have have Ant’s response to that.



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