Ep490 – Sex and Relationships Podcasts

This week’s competition is all about sex and relationships. Lucy found Christians who are into BDSM and they do it the way it was meant to be done according to the bible. I brought in a show about not jerking it to porn, as if that’s a thing. Andy did a deep dive exploration of Lana Rhoades. It’s quite a journey. Lana went from a porn star who taught other women how to do anal to a poor victim who barely made $1.5M from an NFT scam… ALLEGEDLY!

After the competition (don’t forget to vote on our Patreon page) we move on to a cringe of the week featuring some amazing banter. Then we check in on Tom Myers who actually wrote something I would classify as a joke. But just one. And how did Tom find a cohost who is actually dumber and less funny than him? Also, Stuttering John had his heart broken by a woman who he’s never met in person and only found out about a month or two ago. He’s such a lonely, sad man. Which is fine, but that’s the part of your life you should try to hide. Also, Cardiff joins us along with Annie as we poke a dabbler, read some reviews, and listen to the guys simp for Lucy on the voicemail segment.

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