Ep493 – Music Commentary Podcasts

This week we’re looking for the worst podcasts in the music commentary category. Each of us brought a different version of this type of show. I brought pretentious a-holes who think they appreciate music better than other people and prove it by naming obscure artists. We’ve covered Your Favorite Band Sucks before but it was worth a revisit. Then Lucy presents Songs My Ex Ruined where three women have no idea what they’re talking about when discussing Beth by KISS. Finally Andy brings in a reaction show where Josh Jones and his uncle watch Facts by Tom MacDonald and are wildly confused by everything.

Don’t forget to head over to our Patreon to vote for who you thought brought the worst podcast. After the competition we check out Dana White on Howie Mandel’s podcast and on the Pat McAfee show. Then we listen to some Valentine’s Day songs from Kristine Knowlton followed by a quick update on Chad Zumock whose weekend bender was still going on MLC on Tuesday. Also, Stuttering John is back in LA and looks like the weekend beat the hell out of him. Good news though, he’s finally admitting he really doesn’t care about his children. And Rocco is coming off his victorious weekend with a brand new character and one that’s not easy to pull off – a tolerable and funny Geno Bisconte. Finally we have a weird round of To Catch An Alien, reviews from Annie, and your voicemails.

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