Ep496 – Brendan Schaub – Tune Town, Golden Hour, TFATK

This week we’re doing a deep dive into the world of Brendan Schaub. We check out the latest episodes of Tune Town, The Golden Hour, and the Fighter and the Kid. Tune Town is a weird, highly produced show about cars because that’s Brendan’s new hobby. He’s a gearhead who doesn’t know anything about cars. Of course the Golden Hour is always a brutal watch as Erik Griffin and Chris D’Elia both pretend to be interesting. And finally TFATK did their first ever live show in Austin and it was embarrassing. Where’s their friend Joe Rogan? Doesn’t he live there?

Mersh from Revenge of the Cis joins the show to help promote our live show coming up on March 22nd. He’s well-versed in the Schaubverse but he didn’t realize that Tom Myers has a weekly podcast so we dig into some great political commentary from the King himself. Then we watch Joe Matarese do a podcast for 9 people (literally) and his latest appearance on MLC where KB continues to try to convince people I should be embarrassed by the mandolin video. Also, Stuttering John gets tricked by reddit yet again, we try to catch an alien, and Maribeth Rosie joins us for reviews and your voicemails.

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