Ep513 – That Reality Show

This week’s discovery still has me baffled. Lisa Boswell is the greatest talk show sidekick I’ve ever seen. I want to know way more about these elderly trans women who don’t pay taxes and hate Trump. And I have a feeling we’ll be checking in on them in the near future.

Vinnie Paulino joins us to review this Bizarro World version of Wayne’s World. After we have way too much fun with Lisa and Helga, we watch Ray DeVito reminisce about old MTV VJs on BYB and listen to Luis J Gomez recount the time he and Shane Gillis raped my girlfriend on Real Ass Podcast. Then Howard Stern had a surprise interview with Joe Biden and didn’t flinch when our current president told lie after lie about his life. Also Misery Loves Company had a big celebrity guest, TJ Miller zoomed in from his hotel room and ripped on both Kevin Brennan and Chad Zumock. Jim Norton and Sam Roberts had Rich Vos on their SiriusXM show and Vos brought them all into the Dabbleverse. It was great to hear how much Sam knows about Stuttering John as well as Chad’s catalytic converter shenanigans. Finally we check in on John who had Ray DeVito on just to berate him for doing Hackamania. Also, he was not too happy that Jim and Sam were talking about him. Finally, Maribeth Rosie joins us for another round of To Catch An Alien, the latest edition of Internet News, your reviews and voicemails.

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