Ep527 – 108.9 The Hawk

108.9 The Hawk is a failing fictional classic rock radio station in the fictional city of Val Verde. Well, the failing part isn’t fictional. A couple of seasoned improv guys demonstrate how hard improv is for some people. They’re pretending to be cheesy radio DJs and are somehow less funny and more corny than actual radio DJs.

Pat Oates joins the show and quickly realizes that he works with the exact people these guys are trying to clown. After some very lame commercial parodies, we check in on Tom Myers who finally wrote some jokes for Trump’s conviction. Well kinda. Then we check in on Chrissie Mayr’s show as her, Keanu, and Missy B. all give their honest assessment of Aaron Imholte. Turns out Aaron is a doofus and comes off like a douche when he’s trying to be a tough guy. Then Cardiff joins as we watch Anthony Cumia summon the pests to go after Stuttering John for threatening Dr. Steve. Scorch is putting out some of the worst content ever while also declaring victory over Opie and Anthony. And wait until you hear how he explains the hot mic incident. Kindy is back for a round of “To Catch An Alien,” Internet News, and your voicemails.

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