Ep530 – MobyJack

This week we’re watching a guy who labels himself a gainer and a glutton. His only mission in life is to put on weight. He wants to see how fat he can get. It’s basically just a mentally ill guy who is slowly committing suicide and asking the viewers to fund it through Cash app and OnlyFans. No, for real!

Anthony Zenhauser makes his WATP debut and almost guesses MobyJack’s weight to the pound. After we listen to a guy who does a podcast with his cat as the cohost, we check in on Aaron Imholte from Steel Toe who is once again blowing off his show for a girl. WATP super group The Bagslappers recorded another hit and Woke Dad has his own super hero theme song. Stuttering John is now calling the FBI and Tookie’s mom? I think he’s trying to take on too many people at once as he claims he’s going to fight Kevin Brennan, Patrick Melton, Shuli, and Felicia Gillespie. Finally Cardiff and Annie join us for another round of Who Said It? and your reviews and voicemails.

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