Ep534 – Action Boyz

Three guys with varying degrees of success in show business get together to discuss, in excruciating detail, a different action movie each episode. There’s lots of yelling and lots of laughing so it must be great! It also appears to be wildly successful, so there’s that.

Lucy Tightbox and Christian Bladt join the show to discuss the Action Boyz social media promos and how to end an improv bit. Then we check in on Helga Mann’s show, now called Trainwreck TV, because Lisa Boswell is BACK!! She can’t hang for an entire episode anymore but that’s okay, ten minutes a day gets us enough drops. Then we break down the crazy drama happening with Steel Toe and his cohosts Keanu Thompson and Geno Bisconte. Aaron Imholte is still pretending that court documents are all fake and people are making up his domestic assaults. Now Keanu Thompson and Geno Bisconte are out! Kiki GOES OFF on Aaron and it’s amazing! Also, Stuttering John is being served a lawsuit by Vince the Lawyer… or is he? As long as no one answers the door ever again he’ll be fine. Finally, some new parody songs including Cardiff’s latest banger, a teaser, reviews, and your voicemails.

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