Ep91 – That Vegan Couple

Are you super proud of your lifestyle? Do you host a show about how awesome your life decisions are? Apparently these vegans think that the way they live their life is so amazing and important that you should listen to them explain how great they are. I don’t know, I think you should create a show that features content that is interesting… but what do I know? We also talk about a podcast that is trying to shut us down. After reaching out to our hosting company and failing, The Vanished has decided that they’ll demand iTunes take us down. They are literally trying to censor the Internet. Very progressive dummies. Good luck with that. Sorry this isn’t Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. This is a free country. Sucks for you. We also talk about a guy who is in the WATP hater hall of fame, John from the Brand X Podcast. He spends a lot of time explaining how we suck, most of which we agree with. It’s also fun that he threatens physical violence. Hilarious jokes!!
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