Minisode – Steel Toe Divorce

I did a rare Tuesday live show on YouTube to discuss Aaron Imholte from the Steel Toe Morning Show announcing his divorce from former co-host April. While Chad Zumock takes a victory lap for predicting this would happen, I think it might be a premature celebration.

Before I get into my take on Aaron’s bizarre behavior lately, we check in on Stuttering John’s NPD on full display. When he’s not bragging about saving lives, he’s showing off his ability to tune his guitar with a guitar tuner and play basic chords. What he apparently can’t do is fold a shirt and put it into a dresser. Then I get into what’s going on with Misery Loves Company now that Adam Hiniker is gone and Kevin Brennan has to run the show himself. He’s a much funnier guy than Stuttering John (duh) but his show is now basically the same format as John’s with the same content and the same mistakes.

I cut out all of the superchat segments. You’re welcome.

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