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Oct 18, 2020

Scorch is still working... kinda. He's found himself on a morning show in a town called Eau Claire. I'm not sure if it's a real place, I haven't seen any evidence that it is. 

Cros is on the show along with John C. Dvorak from No Agenda and DH Unplugged. This show has everything! Seriously, everything! Scorch, Ladygang, Sofia with an F, SDR, Stuttering John, Anthony Cumia, PJ Philliam (a little), Redbar, Opie Radio, Patrick Michael and your voicemails. Also, we reveal the winner of the "Win Vic's Job" contest and get to know our new review girl. 

My board is sh*t and I obviously need a new one. Thankfully Producer Chris was recording the room and you'll hear that I had to use that audio quite a bit. This was the longest I've ever spent editing a podcast and it sucked. 

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