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Aug 22, 2016

Kevin and Karl review a podcast that is all about pens.  Yep, pens... those things that are mightier than the sword or whatever.  The show is called The Pen Addict and we listened to episode #212 titled "Captain Orange Beard".  Karl comes to us remote this week from Philadelphia where he is staying in an AirBnB that may/may not be owned by Boyz II Men.  Kevin, yet again, talks about how pens aren't that weird a thing to be into and drops hints to his eventual LEGO podcast he will bore the world with.  The guys collectively don't understand the pen fanaticism but then again we don't use things to write things.  We type them on a computer like normal well-adjusted people.  Whatever, if you like pens and writing or paper (yeah they gush over paper too) then listen to The Pen Addict.  I can guarantee you that Kevin and Karl won't be.