Ep25 – Films and Swearing

This week we review a movie review style podcast called “Films and Swearing”, episode #80, titled “The Terminator”. Basically this is a podcast that reviews an entire movie scene by scene and this month is Terminator month. We should also mention that the hosts of Films and Swearing are Scottish. Very Scottish. Kevin loved this show and is, in fact, now a fan and has subscribed. He enjoyed there use of “fooking” as a swear and also their uncanny Arnie impression at the top of the show. Karl, on the other hand, didn’t like the show at all. I know this may be shocking to our listeners! So even though we both didn’t agree on this show, we did have some good discussions on Kevin Smith and even Cobra Commander AND “Yakov Smirnoff” made an appearance to liven things up. WATP has had their budget approved for jingles so get ready to hear more of those in the coming episodes or as fast as Karl can create them…. err… I mean as fast as our production department can get them to us.
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