Ep24 – Go Time: A Pokemon Go Podcast

Karl and Kevin return after a couple weeks off to bring you a new episode about everyone’s favorite “fake creature captured in weird egg” game, Pokemon Go. That’s right, there are Pokemon Go Podcasts out there and we reviewed one called Go Time. Episode titled, “Love At The Dog Park”. Now normally Kevin is lazy and does no research at all for shows. He basically does sub-par impressions and tries not to mess up the audio recording too much. But this week, well Kevin stepped up his game and actually PLAYED Pokemon Go. Not because he thought it would make the podcast better, but because he feels old and wants very desperately to fit in with what the youths are into. Karl on the other hand, was oddly nice this week and wasn’t MF’ing the hosts as much as usually. Has he turned over a new leaf? Perhaps, but that leaf is was covered in doo-doo-feces anyways most likely. So take a listen and welcome back what some are calling “a horrible podcast that offends me only when they say bad things about my podcast”.
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