Ep528 – Horror Trans Podcast

The Horror Trans Podcast is a “show” hosted by “trans” “woman” named Stephanie Bri. Doug from Who’s Right did a deep dive on this character that includes toy unboxing videos and music critiques. Stephanie likes the Beastie Boys but two of their songs are in the worst 25 songs of all time?

After Doug’s thorough analysis on the highs and lows of Mr. Bri, Harrison Young tries to figure out a gender neutral word for “farmer.” Then we play the debut We Are The Dabblers, an epic song put together by Cardiff, Mr. Magenta, and Tony Muskrat featuring everyone (link to video below). Paco then joins us as we discuss John’s latest failed relationship, this time with Kate Meaney. Then we break down Steel Toe’s latest performance, pretending to be outraged about one of Nick Rekieta’s kids testing positive for cocaine. He can’t stop embarrassing himself. Then Nick did his own livestream to defend himself against people who may or may not exist. We wrap things up with Annie, your voicemails, and the Isotopes newest recording of the song Popcorn by Hot Butter.

Paco’s friend Rosa needs some help – https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-rosas-family-through-tough-times

Watch We Are The Dabblers music video – https://www.youtube.com/live/W8txvC0cMgs

Who’s Right Podcast – https://whosrightpodcast.com/

Delicious candy – https://arizonabaycandy.com/

Tickets are on sale for DabbleCon 2 on August 16th and 17th – http://watplive.com/

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