Ep529 – The Kiki Podcast Gay/Queer

I’m sure you all remember Xander Alexander, the X Factor contestant from 2011. He has a podcast about being gay where he gives out very helpful tips like how to clean out your butthole if you’re a bottom and how to not vote for Donald Trump. These are things all people in the LGBTQIA2+ need to know!

Jodie B. joins the show to breakdown all of Xander’s amazing catchphrases. After Dr. Steve explains Helga’s tucking technique (wow this show is getting gay), Missy B. and Carter from Tawk Studios come on to give us a thorough analysis of Daniel Alexander aka Woke Dad. I’ve never seen someone who is a bigger fan of himself. Also, Joe Matarese called into a podcast that was started just to goof on him and it doesn’t go well. Cardiff joins the show as we discuss John’s reaction to Kate Meaney spilling the tea on Point Dabble Point. He has a lot of explaining to do! And finally we play another round of “To Catch An Alien,” get teased for the next episode, get caught up on internet news, listen to your voicemails, and listen to “I Want You Back” performed by the Isotopes.

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